what can I do for you?
Passion and Spirit
First things first...Great ideas and striking designs only come with enthusiasm and positive energy. I'm always eager to put my heart & soul into the work I create for you, and never hesitate to run an extra mile for that final touch, that separates good from awesome.
Always based on hand-sketches, I love to create 'blackwork' liner drawings, as well as colourful artworks, for both digital and print media. Not just for flat formats such as postcards, posters, books or magazines, but also for prints on chlothing & accesssoires.
Besides that, I create surf- & skateboard graphics, as well as custom wallpaintings.
Graphic Design
Along with simple, yet experimental graphics and layouts for brochures, flyers, posters, promo materials for events and more, I offer design for logos and complete branding concepts, carefully tailored to your needs.
Typography / Lettering
Believing in the power of words, I like to help them enhance impact by illustrating typographic posters, unique hand-lettering or signage for shops, bars and small businesses. My fascination for type and hand made lettering also finds its way into other graphic designs I make.
other specialized services

3D Visualizations
Trained in perspective drawing and 3D imaging, Tiki's graphical services also include architectural visualization, renderings and 3D photomontages.
Architectural Drawing
Despite the current focus on illustration the love for my original field in spacial design is strong. So you'll not regret giving me an opportunity to work with you on architectural concepts, interior projects or furniture design.
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