Project: This brief involved a comprehensive branding design for a freelance consultancy. Founder Catarina Fonseca PhD is a leading expert in international development programmes to improve water and sanitation worldwide. She provides technical, financial and practical advice to companies, organisations and management teams in the water and sanitation sector.

The big design challenge was to create something that showed professionalism, expertise and integrity while allowing Catarina's likeable, quirky and undaunted personality to shine through.

Fortunately, we have been friends for some time and she is super fun and reliable to work with. 
Despite the many sketches and drafts that were thrown overboard, we quickly arrived at a very solid solution.
Client: Catarina Fonseca PhD; Founder of Pulsing Tide
Tools: Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - MS Word - Power Point
Business Cards
Main Logotype
Alternative logo for dark backgrounds and black&white
Business Stationery
Business Letter, Cards, Research paper templates
Brand Identity - Manual 
(how to use the assets)
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