"One million one month" (2020)

This is the 2nd edition of a daily art challenge initiated by a group of wonderful people commited to raise awareness for endangered species on this planet. (www.onemilliononemonth.com for more info)
I first stumbled upon this project last year and immediately wanted to take part. The timing didn't fit back then unfortunately. Now I am excited to be able to carve out some time to draw as many of the daily prompts as possible. 

There is a list with the species associated with each day of the challenge (May 15th - June 16th 2020). 
If you create something, upload it on the date noted with the hashtags #onemillionomemonth and #1m1mvol2 to get a chance to be featured on their Instagram page

Raising awareness for environmental issues, and animal welfare has always been one of my main motivators to create stuff.
Since the Coronavirus pandemic crisis I hardly have any commissions on the table. But I do have loads of thoughts, ideas and emotions about the current and future state of our planet Earth that I want to express.

I have been on a personal mission to hone my skills and explore new illustration techniques for a while - especially since I got my first iPad Pro this year. So initially I had planned to jump right into the #mermay (mermaid drawing challenge) this May. Which would be even more my type of personal ocean-soul project.

However, given the current situation, I found it much more valuable to put my skills training in a meaningful context and support the fights against extinction of all these amazingly awesome creatures.
Hope you enjoy my journey in exploring new styles
Ahohekohe - Hawaiian bird
Northern Rockhopper (Mosley's) Penguin
Axolotl (aka. "Mexican walking fish")
Northern hairy nosed Wombat
Thanks for viewing!

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