Project: Organic cereal company "mymuesli" teamed up with the environmental organisation Ozeankind e.V. to work on the "green'ness" of their products and production methods.
Part of the collaboration was the release of a special edition muesli packaging dedicated to the work of Ozeankind e.V. .
This organisation is one of my frequent clients, with whom I have (amongst other projects) worked on a book about plastic and pollution.
Since mymuesli was aware of that book and fond of my illustrations, I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate the spirit of Ozeankind for this package design.
I was given a lot of artistic freedom. Originally I was briefed to show what Ozeankind want to make the world aware of: how the beautiful ocean world is in danger of being completely polluted by humans' waste. So in the initial design there were quite a lot of waste items floating among the fishes.
To create a better compromise for the aesthetic and commercial interest of the client we ended up with this "cleaner" version of the artwork.
There are still some trash items to find in the illustration.
Can YOU spot them? ;)

Client: mymuesli 
Format: print for cylinder-shaped cereal packaging - height 270mm x circ. 299mm
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Full (infinity) Illustration
To make ends meet (litterally) on the cylinder-shaped package, I made the drawing meet seamlessly on both sides.
infos and interview online
And learn more about how it came to be and how it supports the fight against plastic pollution of the sea.
(screenshots of the website - content credits mymuesli GmbH)
Read some background about my work, life 
and why I love creating ocean-related artworks in this interview on mymuesli's blog.
Illustration details
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