Project: Goal planner designs available as printables in Tiki's Templates shop.
This planner serves as a cohesive guide through well-researched goal planning methods - all on one sheet of paper. It can be used for all sorts of personal or professional goals and helps to clarify and plan out goals as well as the steps towards achieving them. 
Additionally I designed a goal roadmap sheet for long- or short-term goals that require a more detailed planning of the steps and their timeline.
I created each planner version in 3 different styles, some of which have various colour versions, to make a nice planning tool that appeals to various types of people.
​​​​​​​Format: DIN A4 to A5.​​​​​​​
Various formats and styles
Main Goal Planner
Goal Roadmap
If you'd like to use these planners yourself,
you can download them in the shop:
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