Project: This is the first part of my wedding design project for friends of mine. Getting married later this year, the Dutch-German couple asked me to take care of all the graphic design that comes with an event like this. With the extra challenge of making everything bi-lingual ;)
Starting with the invitations and the overall "branding" (including a custom logo with their initials), I designed these round-cut 4-page cards plus "R.S.V.P." return postcards.
Upcoming soon, I am going to add menu cards, church-book, seating plan map, place-cards, etc. for which I'll keep using the concept, logo and colour-scheme from below.

Client: Judith & Casper
Format: post card paper, 4 pages double-sided plus reply-card, round cut to 145mm - Bilingual: 60x Dutch, 60x German
Tools: Pen&Paper - Watercolour - Scanner - Adobe: Illustrator - Photoshop - InDesign

single pages & R.S.V.P. card
- digital files -
German version

'Branding'-board / Visual ID
main image
- characters -

finished print
Dutch version

handcut and assembled by the bride

finished print
German version

handcut and assembled by the bride
Logo stickers for the envelopes
Judith's work-in-progress proof
assembling the invitations

Thank you for viewing!

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